Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Gadgets almost worth drooling over...

I've run across a lot of nifty toys the past few weeks on my search for a digital wallet (a portable hard drive with a built in display that I can store my digital photos on without the need to drag my laptop or a bunch of spare flash cards along on my trip to Europe this May). While not a digital wallet, one of the most promising new toys that I think has the potential to end up in our patrons hands over the next few months is The Gizmondo (It will certainly give Sony's new PSP a run for its money).

Features include a camera, music player, movie player, messaging, GPS (global positioning), and Bluetooth (wireless connectivity). The 400 Mhz processor as well as an Nvidia graphics chip and a high resolution TFT display translate into a hand held device worth playing games on. The coolest thing about the Gizmondo is its use of GPS.

..the technology blurs the line between physical and virtual for Gizmondo's debut title, Colors. In Colors, you and your friends can form gangs to wage war for control of the streets. However, because the game utilizes GPS technology, the virtual rumbles can take place on the streets of the very village, town or city in which you live. When you've kicked sufficient butt, you and your mates can go elsewhere to challenge Colors gangs in another part of town or even in an entirely different city.

Not only can Gizmondo make the most of existing location-based services like searching for the nearest ATM or McDonald's, if your friends own a Gizmondo you can find them too - perfect when you're at a festival or concert!

Very cool! Slap a hard drive and a cell phone in this baby and I'd be in love. I don't think it will be too long before the perfect device exists. One that has gaming, music, video, and storage as well as productivity software and a cell phone. Gizmondo isn't quite there yet but, I'm keeping my eye out for version 2.

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